• Partner the central government to achieve its objectives and execute its program spanning all the clean energy sectors.
  • Be the nodal bridge between the central and the state government agencies and provide leadership in driving policy development advocacy and innovation.
  • To work with all the sector market makers and catalyze market growth for new and renewable energy generation usage and adoption
  • To provide a platform to discuss and debate the various issues of concern faced by the stakeholders in creating a sustainable energy ecosystem using varied options of renewable energy resources like wind, bio fuels, solar, hydro, tidal geothermal etc.
  • To work on ideas for executing new concepts and ideas for deployment of new techniques, generate new ideas and innovations, explore existing and unexplored opportunities in the field,
  • Drive a seem-less process of exchange of ideas, information, best practices, innovation and technology and promote synergies amongst stakeholders to pave way for a sustainable future and robust economic growth

Federation proposes the following towards integrated development of green energy in the country:

  • Development of a Green Energy Map for all the States: Even though there are supporting policies to promote the renewable energy development within the country, there is an immediate need to carry out a comprehensive updated state wise resource assessment for all renewable energy sources and to develop a renewable energy map for all the states, which will give complete picture of distribution of various sources of renewable energy. Once this mapping has been completed it shall go a long way in understanding the scope of enhancing the contribution of green energy in the country. Moreover, it can reveal regional imbalances which can be addressed expeditiously. In addition, such an exercise will lead to strengthening the status of green energy in India by focusing on development of green energy wherever possible in the country.
  • Detailed study of global best practices, technologies and policies for development of Green Energy and related Eco systems: Federation shall endeavor to study the best practices being adopted worldwide, get suitable policies drafted and also get them implemented in the country. The study shall include worldwide best practices across all domains such as Green Energy, Green construction and sustainable buildings, packaging materials, for green energy generation etc. which shall have a potential of contributing to carbon neutral/negative economy.
  • Integrate interests of all stakeholders: As stated earlier Green energy comes under the purview of various ministries of Government of India as well as state ministries under various State Governments. Further, no resource can be successfully developed unless interest of all the key stakeholders of green energy, actively participate in all aspects of its development. Proposed Federation will be the Apex organization that would provide a national platform for all stakeholders such as Central and State Authorities, industry, public, research community, NGOs, regional associations, etc. to ensure that interests and concerns of all the stakeholders are duly taken into account and an integrated energy policy is formulated. Federation shall also intend to take a comprehensive approach towards making these projects financially viable and bankable.
  • Support capacity building in various sectors and provide policy advocacy for development of various sources of renewable:  Once integrated energy policy is formulated, different sectors of green energy would require different kinds and levels of support for building requisite capacity for development. It shall promote evolution of Strategy and Planning at highest levels for accelerated growth of green energy in the country. While integrated energy policy is expected to roll out incentives such as capital cost subsidy, generation based incentives, accelerated depreciation benefits, income tax incentives, customs and excise duties exemptions benefits, etc for fast track development of green energy, the Federation will also act as a powerful forum to deliberate on sector specific issues such as technological issues and work with stakeholders (including government) in addressing bottlenecks across development chain and suggest amendments in the Policy from time to time, thereby creating a continued focus of developers in scaling up of Green Energy projects/processes. Federation also endeavours to seek support from States for promoting different sources of renewable energy such as setting targets for each state for development depending on the potential apart from RPOs or providing conducive environment/infrastructure for all round development of green energy.
  • Addressing energy needs of India: Exploitation of other green energy sources such as Biomass, cultivation of bio-oil seeds etc have wide spread availability. Effective utilization of such resources has amultiplier effect as it reduces AT&C losses, promotes electrification in remotest of the locations through micro/mini grids, and has positive impact on local community and economy as whole.
  • Promote domestic manufacturing: In line with the Make-in-India initiative launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Federation will promote domestic manufacturing in the green energy sector. In addition, it will formulate various innovative ideas such as Tech Parks and Economic Zones for development of in house Green Technologies with special dispensations (including incentives for R&D, etc) and make India a hub for green technologies.
  • Promote Energy Efficiency: It is a well known fact that Implementation of Energy Efficiency measures not only reduces emissions, but also has a multiplier effect on the economy. While, there has been lot of emphasis on improving the energy efficiency in the country with a number of initiatives such as use of various energy efficient systems like Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) & The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification system already introduced, still there is a long way to traverse in this direction. As per reports [1], energy saving potential across household to commercial & industry could lead to an avoided power generation capacity addition of over 19 GW. Therefore, up scaling the energy efficiency practices in India provides an investment opportunity of about INR 750 Bn. Adoption of a number of initiatives such as Efficiency impact of coal based power plants by moving to Supercritical technology and reduction in T&D losses through focused demand side management in co-ordination with respective ministries etc. can lead to reduced requirements & emission.
  • Public Awareness and Promotion and development of Green Energy : Federation shall endeavor to promote Green Energy  through various information & publicity campaigns, seminars, events and road shows showcasing the benefits. It shall also focus on inculcating the desired culture for implementation of these technologies across organizations/industries by involving all the relevant stakeholders. It will also act as in effective networking platform for various Central and state organizations active in the area of green energy and promote awareness of Existing and Emerging Technologies in  Green Energy.