Potential benefits of the members in the area of Green Energy:

•  To get a platform to interact with Central & State level top Policy Makers, National & International agencies, other renowned Members of IFGE and other associated stakeholders
•  To take part in Policy Advocacy to remove barriers & enable streamlining of the growth of the Industry and taking up issues to relevant Authority
•  To get the opportunity for knowledge dissemination & capacity building through seminars, workshops, conferences  and round table meetings
•  Regular and timely update on the latest national policy reforms in various sectors
•  To participate in the Expert Committees/Task Forces of IFGE to take up the issues raised by the eminent Members in various fields to the Policy Makers
•  Networking with Members & Participants through the Conferences/Seminars
•  Accessibility to the important upcoming events, press releases associated with the events of IFGE and others
•  Opportunity to get exposure through becoming a sponsor/co-sponsor of IFGE events,  newsletters, magazine and other related activities
•  Accessibility towards IFGE publications on regular basis