International Conference on Green Initiatives & Railway Electrification

October 27-28, 2017 at Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi, IndiaOrganized by: Institution of Railway Electrical Engineers?, Ministry of Railways, Government of IndiaSupported by: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation & Indian Federation of Green Energy?The main objective of international conference is to bring green power project developers and other stakeholders on a common platform for making Indian Railways an efficient and Greener mode of transport. It will help in identifying pathways for attending to this goal under different scenarios. The conference is to advocate and disseminate the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable growth, 100% electrification of IR and progressively change energy mix towards use of renewable energy by bringing various stakeholders on a common platform for exchange of knowledge, resources and technology. It also aims to develop and peruse a road map for identifying various solutions to achieve larger goal of transforming Indian Railways as a 100% de-carbonized, most energy efficient and highly electrified rail network in the world. This conference will also project Indian Railways as an attractive investment destination, considering its plans of huge investments in next 5 years on its up-gradation electrification including use of renewable energy. In brief, this conference aims to:

  • Increase awareness among the stakeholders about Green Energy options available on Indian Railways.
  • Evaluation of the existing policies & risk factors, suggest improvements and explore future opportunities.
  • Explain the commercial aspects of these technologies, identification of business opportunities and the related risk mitigation options.
  • Formulate strategy for successful implementation
  • Discuss de-carbonization through successful carbon foot printing
  • Comparison with other countries and bench marking
  • Discuss case studies on successful pilot projects
  • Moving IR towards 100% Electric traction- Showcase new technologies and innovative solutions for speedy electrification.
  • Meeting IR’s high speed Locomotive requirements.
  • OHE for 200 kmph- Requirements & How to achieve with existing OHE.
  • Solutions for Energy Efficiency and increasing use of Renewable Energy on IR
  • Promote and popularize ‘Make in India’ initiative a new Indian Railways.
  • Provide a platform to learn and share experiences of international & national experts and industry leaders on electrification and renewable energy technologies, solutions and best practices in the Rail Sector.
  • Offer insights and in-depth discussions on a wide range of green initiatives and energy efficiency issues in the Rail Sector.