Global Bamboo Summit organized in Indore

Global Bamboo Summit organized in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 8-10 April, 2016; where Indian Federation of Green Energy has worked as a part of the steering committee to facilitate in the process of complete management of the conference.Bamboo sector plays a vital role from ecological, commercial and socio-economic points of view. Bamboo occupies an unparalleled position in plant kingdom in terms of its distribution, diversity and uses in the tropics and subtropics. It has more than 1500 documented uses and is widely used as paper and in rayon-textile manufacture, construction, architecture, engineering, handicraft, food and medicine. Apart from the above benefits and uses for enterprise development, it has an important environmental value in reducing air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and to deal with the climate change impacts.Under this consideration, the global event was organized. The recommendations made at the summit had the intention to solicit Indian and global cooperation for bamboo sector development, ensuring further that this strategic event becomes a ‘change agent’ for poverty alleviation and climate change resistance. It has further in the mind to focus on the “India Bamboo Vision 2025” supported by comprehensive National Bamboo Policy along with comprehensive strategy and action plan within defined time frame.